There is a lot to talk about since we last spoke. The US Air Force establishing air superiority over latex balloons. The special counsel’s subpoena of Mike Pence. The wanton hypocrisy of Ron DeSantis when it comes to firearms. The inability of the American people to recognize…
New on The King’s Necktie: Biden’s gift to Trump jeopardizes what seemed like a slam dunk.
The infantile gainsaying of the GOP.
A disturbing and deceitful narrative arising around Ron DeSantis.
Autocracy taints Brazil’s beautiful game, and the world’s joy in watching it.
The midterms prove that sanity is still alive in America, barely. But Republicans will now work overtime to kill it.
What the war in Ukraine tells us about the unabated danger of nuclear weapons.
The absurdity of anyone voting Republican in the midterms.
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